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Since she was a child she revealed her brilliant artistic talent.

Marilena Berti is a painter, a fine artistic decorator and a graphic designer.

She got her Art Degree at the Liceo Artistico P. Canal in Padua, Italy in 1976.
There she took special tuition with the Maestro Glauco Benito Tiozzo and the Maestro Giuseppe Polisca.
After attending courses at the Architecture Faculty in Venice, she began to pursue her artistic decorator profession.

The first paintings representing the rural old men are dated 1974. They were made on rough paper once used in butcher's shops.
In 1982 she moved to Mira, a little town along the Riviera del Brenta, near Venice, where she had the first contacts with the local artists.
She had her first personal exhibition at the “Forma & Colore” Gallery in Mira in 1989, where she showed her water-colors and painted mirrors.

In the Nineties her artistic language focused on cartoon water colours as she wanted to reach the symbiosis with the outside water elements.
Livid colored water spots extend themselves on the paper revealing dreamlike worlds and soul paths.

She won the silver medal for her cartoon water colours at the "Salvatore Fiume" National Award of Painting in Strà (Venice).
In those years she was also pursuing glass-painting and decorated windows and mirrors for large companies.

Her passion and the natural aptitude for arts allow her to create works that have been appreciated by famous art critics such as Livio Seguso and the artist Marcel Chirnoaga.
She also met worldwide famous artists such as the Argentine Norma D’Ippolito and Yoko Ono.
Her works are in private and public collections throughout Europe.

In 2002, at the Palazzo Correr in Venice (Rumanian Institute of Culture and Human Research centre), in her "Pagine in blue(s)" personal exhibition, F. Brandes and M. Mazzato presented her distinctive pictorial signs she made through her paper water-colors paintings.

She took part in many of the "Forma & Colore" group exhibitions, firstly as artist, later collaborating as critic-responsible for the group till 2004 with the Department of Culture of Mira with which she created the "Ammira la Donna" cultural exhibition for the March 8th 1997 International Woman Day.

She met a few artists and poets with whom she collaborated as creative drawing books covers.
2003 saw a major change in her work when she progressed from water colours to acrylics on canvas and focused on hyper-realistic paintings of animals characterized by the use of stronger colours.

At the Arsenale in Verona, as a member of the artistic "Forma & Colore" group, she exhibited a few canvases representing African animals painted in a hyper-realistic style.
In 2005 Lucia Majer presented Marilena Berti and her animal painting exhibition "Dipinti d'Istinti" as a metaphorical bestiary.
In 2005 she also collaborated at the restorations and decorations of St. Mark's Basilica and of the Patriarchate of Venice.

During these years she frequented the cultural artistic society in Milan, exhibiting at the "Cowparade Milano 2007" (cows drawn by artists) and at the "Punto Arte" in Monza (2008).
Last paintings reveal the expression of a new feeling about Nature.

Her sensibility for beauty and reality originates from the fact that she was born in the countryside, where the “human” lives with the rhythm of the land, of the sun, of the moon and of the animals.
Actually she lives along the Naviglio Brenta which is an extension of the Venetian Lagoon, between the land and the sky where the fantasy and the use of intellect together has created an ideal landscape.

At the beginnig of this third millennium, Nature becomes the “live motive” to reflect upon in order to project an accessible future.
Painting has always been Marilena Berti’s focus, developing and improving different styles. However, she also has a love of photography...

Since 2008, her personal iconography has been driving her to melange either geometrical or natural deco items with her favorite subjects in a unique universe inside the paintings.

Her creative itinerary overlooked through a refined chromatic range and through her painting passages shows itself as a mature expression of her precious artistic knowledge.
At the 53th Venice Biennial International Exhibition, she exhibited her installations "My mommy is beautiful" (2009) and "Love Letters" (2009) by Yoko Ono.

Her latest exhibitions:
- Aosta, Torre di Sancti Ursi (2007)
- Arco (TN), "II Transito" Art Gallery (2008)
- Ferrara, "Alba" Modern Art Gallery (2009)
- Mira (VE) Villa Contarini dei Leoni, 5th Contemporary Art Day, AMACI (2009)

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